July 22, 2016

Ground segment

The T2L2 ground segment operates the onboard instrument, processes the data received and distributes the scientific data.

It is made up of two bodies:

  • The Instrument Mission Centre (CMI), hosted and staffed by CNES, which oversees the instrument's routine operations, manages the interfaces with the Jason-2 ground segment (transmitting commands and receiving telemetry data) and provides Level 0 data processing.
  • The Scientific Mission Centre (CMS), organized by the OCA, which exploits the scientific data (setting up specific procedures where automatic processing is not possible) and develops scientific products.

The T2L2 ground segment interfaces with:

  • The Jason-2 ground segment: T2L2 continues the policy adopted for passenger experiments: the T2L2 ground segment interfaces only with the SSALTO multi-mission ground segment, meaning that there are no real-time interface constraints. SSALTO provides T2L2 with telemetry data, attitude and precise orbit computation, the command log and other operational information. In return, T2L2 provides SSALTO with command files and operational data.

  • The participating laser station: the laser ranging stations are all members of the International Laser Ranging Service (ILRS). They will be notified and kept informed of T2L2 activities through the ILRS. Stations wishing to play a role in the T2L2 mission will then contact the T2L2 working group directly.

Laser ranging stations of the ILRS
The ground segment of the T2L2 mission will
work with the laser ranging stations of the ILRS.
Several of these have already replied favourably
to the call to participate in the T2L2 mission on Jason-2.

Scientific data will be exploited by the T2L2 user community which forms the T2L2 working group, chaired by the Principal Investigator.

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